Design for the Staging level

Continuing on, I have the Staging level designed and believe it workable for my needs…201 ft. of flex track (243 ft. total) though, ouch! I loath the day when I finish the design for the two helices and see 1000 feet of track needed :)

Westbound trains will leave staging, climb up to the 1st deck using the helix on the left, go through or stop at the main classification yard, traverse the 1st deck, climb up the helix in the left column (East Support Column),  traverse the 2nd deck and probably enter a smaller classification yard somewhere on the way, then descend down the first helix back to staging, loop around and auto re-stage. The same will happen for Eastbound trains, just in reverse direction.

I believe the staging track plan is flexible to allow various combinations or circumstances, without the need for the “0-5-0 switcher” use. The “Ready” track area at the top is left for future use, where more sidings could be added for trains to be pre-staged.