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How much does building a helix cost?

I’m at a point where I need to build a helix and trying to decide the direction to take. Whether it would be Atlas/PECO flex track + whole shebang; or KATO Unitrack, or even Tomix Fine Track (very pricey). Over at nScale.net forums, I made a post with some rough estimates of costs for my case and I thought to post it here on my build blog for everyone to see.


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Staging supplies have arrived!

A pleasant surprise, on this snowy day happened in the evening when a mailman showed up with a big box. The package with all the supplies for building the Staging level has finally arrived.

It is going to be a busy and hopefully productive Holiday season. Since I’ll be off work for couple of weeks, I can focus on finishing the construction of the Staging level benchwork and lay some track down, if all goes well.

There’s a lot of track to be laid down and wired, as well as turnouts to be tested and fit into place. One thing is for sure – I’m not looking forward soldering hundreds of feeder wires to all the flex track… ;)