Video posted to YouTube

A very first video in the Newbridge & Lockport RR playlist has been posted on YouTube. It’s very (very very) long overdue as it was shot at the end of 2017, at the beginning of my current model railroading journey.

If you have been following this site, many events had happened since then, model scales switched back and forth, things were built and torn down, etc. I believe we are done with that for now, so N Scale is here to stay.

Still going to keep all the H0 locos and rolling stock, and hopefully try to sell the track and turnouts (none have ever seen train wheels go over them).

Back to the video, the way I envision this going forward is I’ll post the videos I shot in the past that relate to the current setup while skipping in-betweens: the metal benchwork¬† layout, the H0 Scale adventure, and the subsequent tear down.

While many people on YouTube make long videos with a lot of talking, mine will be short like news blips,¬†“moments” in time as the railroad is progressing.