Building the Main Staging Yard, part 4

Continuing on with the work in the staging, it would appear as if the crews are working around the clock (hope the union doesn’t catch wind of that). Those straight sections I mentioned in the part 3, well they are done, and more. The entire West ladder is complete, including the re-railers.

It looks good and hopefully it will track good, too. This ladder was a real problem for me, and I had to re-design it on the fly because what I had on the computer simply did not fit. Turns out it was not so bad – matter a fact I liked the hands-on approach of laying track: I’m here now; these are the turnouts I have; let’s see how they can be arranged; doesn’t fit? try again!

Actually, one of my goals was to have the yard tracks balanced and as close to equal length as possible. I really do not think I would ever need to run ~ 20 ft. long trains (and most of these tracks are that long) as it would be totally unrealistic for the size of my layout, plus my sidings are not going to be 20 ft. long so that could only be a through train.

And, a final shot for this post, looking down the yard with track looking fairly straight (they were laid down against a long ruler). More to follow soon.