Test-fitting backdrops

This winter is really getting under my skin with long stretches of very cold days, where all you can do is hide inside where it’s warm. It definitely does not help with building a layout when one needs materials from outside, or has to do cutting and what not.

Today ended up being somewhat warmer at -5 C, from our -15 C norm that we have been having past couple of weeks. It gave me an opportunity to run over to my local home despot and finally buy some hardboard for the backdrops. Hooray, the space is transforming, once again, although it does look even more closed up now.

This closed-up look is more obvious in the hallway where Lockport branch line is meant to go, as the lights from the main space do not illuminate it now.

I guess we were just so used to the open space. Once the backdrops are painted with sky blue there will be more bounced light. The main space does not look as gloomy, although I feel that the aisles look smaller than they were, LOL.

At least now I have some materials to work with. The next step will be lightly sanding the surfaces, mounting and priming them.

Then comes the installation of double track standards (uprights) for the brackets that will hold upper levels, and then painting everything sky blue.

Meanwhile I still need to run electrical wiring along the bottom portion of the studs, and install 8-10 outlets on the new walls, one every 7-8 feet on each side. Fun!