Twin track uprights installation progress

It was a productive day on the layout. In the morning, we finally figured out what the minimum height should be for the middle level, which was a needed parameter to start installing uprights. Then I proceeded to cut couple of 70″ twin track standards I bought the day before into 3 equal parts, about 23-5/16″ long. I had to drill an additional hole in every two pieces, so they all have 3 holes for screws.

Installation was a learning experience I must admit. I thought that if I perfectly measure and level everything and pre-drill holes, standards will just fall in place. Even used a laser level to make sure everything lined up vertically. Alas, the first two uprights ended up being off, higher by almost 1/8″ than they should be. The top screw basically pulled it up that much because I couldn’t really find the exact center of the hole in the upright when I marked it.

So, I decided to change the strategy. Instead of pre-drilling holes, I would align and level the upright, hold it and drill through the middle hole, then drive a screw into the wall, then finish the other two holes the same way. This proved to be a much easier and better way of installation. It generally went smooth and steady, only had to stop when I ran out of pre-cut uprights.

Remaining to be installed is the area North of the columns. Then I really need to finish the peninsula: build the head of peninsula, install the two hardboard backdrops, spackle and sand them, ┬áprime over again, install uprights. After that paint all the new backdrops and uprights sky blue to match the rest of the room…