Finishing the lower level subroadbed

Gods of weather smiled upon me this morning by granting me couple of hours before rain, just enough to finish the peninsula blob and fill the gaps that were remaining from yesterday. The benchwork now looks ready to receive the roadbed and track…

The peninsula blob ended up being 4 ft. in diameter, about 1.5-2″ larger but I don’t mind that at all, it’ll make for a nice sweeping curve around it.

The pinch points to the left and the right also turned out good: left on the Yard side is 33¼” and to the right towards lower Staging is 31½”. Both are very comfortable to pass by and do not feel congested, at least to me.

Unfortunately, some of the plywood surfaces are not flat because what I thought was semi-decent quality pine (11 ply) ended up being real shite, as I mentioned in my previous post. I’m not sure if these will relax while they are sitting on the benchwork, or  bow even more for whatever reason.
I also don’t think that securint them to the benchwork will pull them straight, if anything they’ll be pulling on the metal probably.

Anyway, nothing is secured to the metal benchwork yet, as I need to decide should I run wires first or not. I have no final plan for my wiring so that’s a bit of a setback at the moment. I did drill a 1″ hole in each far corner to accommodate running wires from below lower level, upwards for middle and upper level, in anticipation of needing it eventually.