Uprights installed on the Lockport side (UPDATED)

If I was thinking in 3D space, I would’ve realized that Lockport sits below the normal benchwork height, which is a deliberate action on my part since it’s on the coast. Thus my original height for the uprights in that area was wrong because I couldn’t go any lower with brackets than the rest of the layout. So, off I went to pull 9 uprights out, and re-attach them at their new height. Had to fix the walls in the process, meh.

Oh and for future layouts, and to anyone building theirs using these uprights – you need to put something between the upright and the wall. A piece of 1/8″ hardboard will do, otherwise once you screw these tightly they will damage whatever surface they touch. A piece of hardboard in-between would prevent that. Live and learn on my part…

After taking a break for couple of days, the uprights on the Lockport side of the layout have been installed. What’s in place so far looks nice, and everything is slowly taking shape towards a finish line.

This is what it originally looked like before the adjustment:

There is so much more to do, for example wiring (both electrical and DCC) needs to be put on paper, as I’m still tossing various ideas in my head. But for now, benchwork is inching towards completion.

We moved some of the supplies around the room (8ft long plywood boards), to make room for more construction. Over the weekend I hope to tackle the head of the peninsula and finish as much as I can. I know that it won’t be done over the weekend because some things like spackling and painting simply need time to dry and shouldn’t be forced, although we’ll see how far I get by Saturday night. :)