Diagonal Wall Framed

I thought to take an opportunity of a mild (~10C) and dry weather this afternoon, so after a visit to a local home despot for wood and drywall, I went ahead to frame the diagonal wall on the left side of the layout room. This was an almost 7 ft. opening that had to be closed first if I was to begin (finish?) any benchwork construction in that area.

Next comes fitting drywall sheets, taping and sanding (I hate sanding, too much dust) and all of this takes many days as mud needs to properly dry before it can be sanded.

The space now feels even smaller, due to the low ceiling and me being right up there next to it. I guess shorter people won’t have a problem, but it’s really driving me nuts sometimes. Wish the previous owner did something about it, like underpin the basement, alas too late now.

I’ve decided to first build and finish this wall, cut the opening for the helix next, then build the helix around the column afterwards. I know that I will need to go back and forth (in and out of the layout space) to build the helix and lay track, as I can’t stand inside it (support column is inside the helix). We’ll see how crazy this idea really was and whether I can pull it off.

More to come…

EDIT: Two more photos of the layout room entrance before drywalling