Are We Ready For Track Yet?

After painting the cork, what more is there left to do on the roadbed? It feels like all these mundane things you do inch you towards a milestone, and when it finally arrives you don’t really feel it, or you keep asking yourself: “Is there anything else left?” Left before starting the track work that is.

It doesn’t look anything spectacular, but thinking of all the days, weeks and months spent labouring that lead to today, and amount of resources invested, the only thing that comes to mind is the Astronaut’s Prayer: “Dear God, please don’t let me fuck up” for what comes next – track laying.

Which task should I be tackling first: build the helix, or build the yards?

There are no upper decks yet and building the helix to nowhere kinda defeats the purpose, yet the yards tie into the helix so exact positioning of the helix determines where the connection is made to the two track lines.

On the other hand, that positioning and connection is only important to the first yard ladder and the approach cross-over tracks. Also, connection locations to the middle and upper deck are equally important and crucial to the rest of the railroad. Maybe the helix could wait then, while yards 2-4 are constructed? I do admit I feel a bit apprehensive about building this helix – it’s my first, though I believe I have it all figured out (in my head mind you).


I’ll take it to the forums to query my learned colleagues about my dilemma.