Fitting The Top Surface

Sunday came and I thought I would be able to move onto putting plywood up right away. As expected, other things had to be done first, namely installation of 4 additional cross braces on the newly finished portion of the metal benchwork. That took the whole morning till noon to complete, despite opting to use wood instead of metal for the braces (metal would’ve taken longer to fabricate). Either way, better part of the afternoon was spent fitting plywood surface on, and it was a gruelling task.

I had no reference point to begin with, and the way I planned out the plywood pieces was almost like a jigsaw puzzle. So fabrication involved some trigonometry, measuring 11 times, cutting once, fitting, then rinse and repeat. Despite my best efforts, somehow I still came short in two areas. I believe this was caused by a small disconnect between my plan and the physical space. Even though I took room and wall measurements many many times, somehow things always end up being off.

I will need to insert a 1.5″x22″ piece in the bottom left area, just above the circular saw between the old and the new top surface. That’s one place I came short, and the other is right at widest point of the benchwork below the helix. That portion I might just remake out of a new piece of plywood, since it was short by 3-4 inches, grrrr.

Ok, I should still be happy with the progress, all this fitting and cutting really took only 3 hours or so, and the first hour was spent all thinking and no doing. I wish it wasn’t going to rain tomorrow so I can continue, but they are forecasting 2 days of rain now, bleh.